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Sub-studies of Canada-DONATE

The Consent Study

An important hurdle in organ donor management studies relates to research consent. We have completed a systematic and methodological review of organ donation literature to evaluate research consent models. We will be drafting a proposal to share in focus groups with research ethicists, the Canadian Critical Care Trials Group (CCCTG), the Canadian National Transplant Research Program (CNTRP), Organ Procurement Agencies (OPOs), transplant groups and the Canadian Critical Care Society (CCCS). We hope that this will ensure the integrity of our waived consent approach to research consent and prepare us for potentially more challenging situations of research consent in future clinical trials.


Site-specific practices from each participating hospital will be compared to the current (2006) Canadian guidelines for organ donor management and practices of all other participating hospitals. We will then provide sites with hospital-specific reports on their performance. In addition we will be issuing Evidence Bulletins; reference documents that will advise participating hospitals on current recommendations for medical interventions used in the care of organ donors.

Quality Assurance (QA) Study

We will compare data we collect on Ontario donors to the data collected by the Ontario organ procurement organization (OPO) the Trillium Gift of Life Network (TGLN). OPOs in Canada are provincial organizations responsible for the evaluation and procurement of organs available for transplant. This comparison will help us to validate our data collection, ensuring the data we collect is correct. In addition this process will help us minimize any duplication efforts that occur during data collection.

The Outcomes Methodology Study

Current provincial databases do not directly link clinical data of donors to their recipients. The Canadian National Transplant Research program is working to create a database that will link donor and recipient identifiers such as a health card number but not clinical data. In addition, no outcome measure exists that can be used to summarize graft function across all organ types. We hope to develop a simple measurement scale for this purpose and to be the first to link clinical data of donors to the functional status of the transplanted organ.

The Clinical Qualitative Study

The aim of this study is to describe and understand clinician's attitudes and perceptions about logistical and social barriers to organ donation. We have designed a qualitative research study that will develop theories of the barriers and potential facilitators of organ.