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An Observational Study on Clinical Practices in Deceased Organ Donation


Organ donation rates have been improving in Canada over the past 5 years. We can continue to improve in the area of deceased donation, where Canada rates 20th. Improving/optimizing medical care of deceased donors could improve both the number and function of organs recovered.


Our Goal: Improved Care of Deceased Donors

Our goal is to improve the ICU care of deceased organ donors to help save lives and to improve the health of those who receive organ transplants. We will study, for critically ill adults who die in Canada and then become organ donors, what tests are done to confirm death, what treatments are administered to maintain viability of organs for transplant, and how suitability of the organs for transplant is determined. Moreover, we will assess the extent to which these practices differ across hospitals, and across provinces, and whether these differences help or hinder the rate of organ donation, the rate of organ transplant and the function of transplanted organs in the recipients.

Study Design

Canada-DONATE is a national, prospective, observational cohort study of organ donation practices. It took place over the course of a 12-month period in each of the 32 highest-volume organ donation hospitals in Canada.  622 consecutive organ donors in intensive care units of active organ donation centres were recruited, using a waiver of research consent, upon consent for organ donation.

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